Shouryam - Movie Review

Film: Shouryam
Cast: Gopichand, Anushka, Poonam Kaur, Manoj K Jayan, Ajay, Ali, Dharmavarapu, Sudha, Sharat Babu, Krishna Baghavan, Raghu Babu and others
Dialogues: M Rathnam
Music: Manisharma
Cinematography: Vetri
Editing: Marthand K Venkatesh
Art: Vivek
Action: Vijay, Ram-Lakshman, Selva
Executive producer: Anne Ravi
Produced by: V Ananda Prasad
Story, screenplay and directed by: Siva
Release date: September 25, 2008
CBFC Rating: U/A What’s it about!

Vijay (Gopichand) comes to Kolkata in search of his lost sister (Poonam Kaur). He finds his sister but refuses to admit to his identity fearing she would hate him. When his father died, he disowns her deliberately hoping that she would be well off in the Christian orphanage than living with him in penury. That leaves scar on her mind and starts hating her brother. To win her love and save her from some ‘goons’, he comes to Kolkata and there he meets a naughty college student Swetha (Anushka). Soon, romance blossoms between them. On parallel, a don called Shivarama Krishna Gowd (Manoj K Jayan) in Hyderabad is on mission to find Vijay and he sends his men to Kolkata. The link between Gowd and Vijay is told in a flashback.


Gopichand has earned an action hero image with films like Yagnam and Lakshyam. After seeing negative result for his experiment movie, Ontari, he comes back to what he does best – masala film with action and sentiment. The best part in Shouryam is comedy that has worked. Ali’s comedy part and Krishna Baghavan – Raghu Babu’s comedy episode are best part in this action sentiment drama. They are more enjoyable. But the story and execution treads similar path of ‘regular mass films’. First half is executed well but second half is lengthy.

On the downside, the film is pretty predictable and music is big letdown. Don't look for freshness. Also, the film has influences of several movies like Pokiri, Samarasinha Reddy, etc. On the whole the movie is okay and serves rightly to its target Mass audiences.


Gopichand cakewalks through this role of a tough guy fighting against a dreaded don. He dons the role of cop in the movie but he hardly is seen in the Khaki dresses. He exhibits his ‘strength’ once again in dialogue delivery. Anushka is only there to provide skin show and she does it without much hesitation. Manoj K Jayan’s performance in the final in the second half is praiseworthy. Poonam Kaur as sister to Gopichand is cute but has not much role to do. Ali as Gymson and Krishna Baghavan in the role of a doctor steal the show with their hilarious comedy.

Music by Manisharma is big minus. Camerawork is okay. Cinematographer turned director Shiva seems to have good comedy flair. His narration in the first half is appreciable.


Shouryam runs in typical of Gopichand’s earlier films but this time it has better comedy and some hilarious moments. Despite familiar storyline and treatment, it is watchable. Second half and music should have better, but on the whole it is okay movie.

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