Anjaneyulu Movie review

Movie Name : Anjaneyulu
Release Date:12 Aug, 2009
Rating : 3/5
Banner : Parameswara Arts
Casting : Ravi Teja, Nayantara, Sonu Sood, Brahmanandam, Jeeva, Srinivas Reddy, Kota, Nasser, Vinaya, Dandapani, Tarzan, M S Narayana, Prakashraj, Raja Ravindra etc
Music : Thaman
Cinematography : Ravindra Babu
Producer : Ganesh Babu
Director : Parasuram (Bujji)

A known story well told, the tale begins with Anjaneyulu (ravi) who works with a TV channel and he dotes on his parents (Nasser and Vinaya). His life takes a turn when he meets Anjali (Nayantara) and saves her from few baddies. His happy go lucky life changes when he listens to the words of former IAS officer Jayaprakash (prakashraj) in an interview. A sequence of events happen which get him to bash up the goons of the noted don Bada (sonu sood) and also Gurunadham (kota). Anjaneyulu starts distancing himself from Anjali and joins the gang of Bada surprising her. Why does he do that? What happens from there forms the rest of the story.

The director has come up with a known storyline but the credit goes in his narration and ably supported by the presentation. The dialogues were fun, script was smooth, the screenplay was standard. Background score helped but the songs could have been better, cinematography was upto the mark. Editing was crisp, costumes were alright, art department made its presence felt. Ravi Teja stole the show with his vibrant performance and enacting different shades of emotions. Nayantara didn't have much to do except for the songs and the love track. She looked quite dull in this. Sonu Sood did not have much depth in his role, Nasser was standard, Jayaprakash Reddy was regular, Brahmi was hilarious, Jeeva and MS Narayana were good. Srinivas Reddy, Brahmaji, Tarzan, Raja Ravindra did their bit with ease and were smooth. The others made their presence felt in their roles.

The film has not got anything to offer but then it is the pace and the way it has been conveyed that keeps the audience engaged. While the first half just flies off leaving the audience in splits of laughter and entertainment, the second half is filled with action but at the same time, the sentiment angle kind of slackens the tempo and excitement. Overall, the film will get through to success without any hitches. Credit goes to Ravi Teja yet again for his performance and some sound technical aspects.
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