Dongata Telugu Movie review

Dongata has finally hit screens with a perfect release. Lakshmi Manchu is producing the film and her daughter Vidya Niravana is presenting the film for the first time. Let's see if the baby doll has brought in any luck to this 'Santoor mommy'.  Dongata Story: It tracks the story of an actress, Shruti, played by Lakshmi Manchu, who gets kidnapped. Who planned the abduction and why? What made the kidnappers take that drastic step and what exactly happened between Lakshmi Manchu and the kidnappers post kidnap forms the crux of the story.  

Performances: Lakshmi Manchu is quite a revelation in film. Along with her acting prowess, she attempted to prove many other skills she posses. She plays an action heroine in the film and her fight scenes appear pretty natural since she has taken a special training in stunts and kick boxing prior to the film. Lakshmi earned some brownie points with her comic timing though she has to improve a lot on her Telugu diction. Apparently, Lakshmi Manchu proved that she is blessed with multiple talents by crooning a song. Adivi Sesh, Madhu Nandan and Prabhakar were apt enough for their roles. One to mention here is Brahmanandam since he stole the entire show undeniably. Every scene he appeared was laugh riot.  Jaya Prakash Reddy, Madhu, 30 years Prithvi, Pragathi and many more seasoned comedians and actors made Dongata a hilarious watch with their antics.  

Technical Aspects: Director Vamsi Krishna seems to have concentrated more on the extra elements of the film rather than the main ingredients that are required. Dongata lacks interesting screen play though it has few twists in the tale. Hence falls flat after a point and It gets too predictable in the second half. But interesting first half, few funny scenes and good dialogues kept it going. Music by Sai Karthik, Satya Mahaveer and Raghu Kunche is quite impressive. Yendiro song in the first half and Pub Mix song with all the stars in the second half, fetched in some whistles from the masses. Cinematography of the film takes the pedestal.  Overview: With a tinge of sentiment and drama and tons of comedy content, Dongata passes off the litmus test. Finally, Lakshmi Manchu scored an impressive comedy entertainer in her kitty. Go give it a watch.
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