Trisha Leda Nayanatara Movie Review

Trisha Leda Nayanatara Movie Review: A Bold Sex Comedy

G V Prakash, music director turned actor, who is trying to test his waters in Telugu, is here with his latest offering Trisha Leda Nayanatara. Before you watch the flick read the review here to know what is in store for you.

Trisha Leda Nayanatara Story: The films is all about a youngster, who is desperate to lose his virginity and is in search of a girl of his likes. He falls in love with his childhood friends twice only to be dumped later, complaining to oblige his wants. Did he find his love of his life? What is it he need to go through in the process forms the story.

Performances: G V Prakash though looked very amateur, he managed to pull of the role with his decent acting skills. Anandhi was good as the girl next door while Manisha Yadav made sure to add the oomph factor. Though you will not have any complaints about Simran's performance, you will surely end up wondering what actually excited her to take up the role.  Technical Aspects & Analysis: Written and directed by Adhik Ravichandran, the film features some crude characters of youngsters while the portrayal of women was exaggerated. Though there weren't any explicit romantic scenes as it was publicized, cringe worthy double meaning dialogues did the job. G V Prakash's background score added the pep to the script and can ignore the fact that there were too many songs. The writing seems to generalize a lot of things and some more attention and a holistic approach to the subject may have improved matters. There are quite a few scenes that seem to have escaped the scissors. Camera work and production values demands a mention.

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