Watch Avengers Grimm Telugu Full Movie

Starring: Casper Van Dien, Lauren Parkinson, Lou Ferrigno

Directed: Jeremy M. Inman

Language: Telugu

Movie Type : Action

Description: Snow White and Prince Charming's kingdom is under attack by Rumplestiltskin's brainwashed army of thralls. After killing the prince, Rumple confronts Snow in the throne room; he wants access to the Magic Mirror, which can act as a portal to a land without magic, where he can reign unchallenged. A fight ensues, resulting in them falling through the mirror's portal and into the other world. Later, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Rupunzel arrive, noting the time that's passed since the battle, and how the other world's time moves much faster than theirs; they are joined by Red Riding Hood, who is tracking down Rumplestiltskin's right-hand man, the Wolf. Having survived the battle, the Wolf attacks them; he tackles Red into the mirror, shattering it and embedding a shard into her shoulder. The princesses follow after them. They arrive in L.A., but find Red and the Wolf are nowhere to be found. They attempt searching for Snow White, only to be met with hostility at a bar; they're quickly rescued by Snow, who has become a freedom fighter in the six months that have passed. She takes them to her hideout, explaining that Rumplestiltskin has managed to gain some power by becoming mayor Heart; he continues to brainwash the populace in secret, rebuilding his army of thralls. The princesses tell Snow about the Magic Mirror shard Red has, learning that it's the only way to get back home. Snow hands them fashion magazines, telling them to blend in.

Watch Avengers Grimm Telugu Full Movie

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